Oct 7, 2016

Of what we are talking about

Icopower® system = Electrical energy savings.
We will share the savings - no other cost to the customer.
 Custom system. 
System non intrusive.
Our unique process has been succesfully tested by  a large number of medium and large companies in the past three years. This innovative customized software system, is normalizing the energy flow, and thus, it reduces the electrical energy cost of industrial organizations without requiring any modification of the customer electrical structure.

The process consists in the following steps.

1- Gathering of data of the electrical current flow: this operation is performed by a data logger over time with sensors and via external instruments.

2- Checking of the electrical network installed by the customer.

3- Creation of a customized software based on data collected at point 1) that will manage the Icopower system to be installed.

4- Signature of the agreement for the sharing of the proposed saving.

5- The Icopower device containing the software created in step 3) gets installed, and this improves the flow of electrical current and so reduces the cost of the energy used by the customer.

IMPORTANT: Our added value is to obtain a reduction in electrical power consumption without modification of the electrical network of the client company.

The analyzes carried out on more than 50 companies showed that in 70% is achievable a saving from 20% to 30%!

On request we can provide actual examples of installations and we can arrange visits to customers who have already installed our system.

To learn more, download the detailed documentation from above right.

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The procedure
Cash Flow

Sep 15, 2016

Analysis of a customer

What follows is the result of the analysis performed at an Italian customer site and the monthly resulting savings.
See also "Case History" by downloading the detailed documentation from above right.
On request we can provide our client references and details of the energy savings obtained.

Aug 1, 2016

The factory

Customers visiting the factory (click to enlarge)
The conference room at the factory
Icopower operates so far in Italy, Switzerland, Kenya and Egypt